Little Summer

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Her name is Little Summer and she is 18 years old. She lives in Beverly Hills with her dad. She love it there. The only thing is her dad's never home so she spend most of her time with her best friend Kimmie. She's the best. She's a film student that swears Summer is the cutest girl in the whole wide world. They go everywhere together, and they film everything they do (everything). Not just they either, they get all of their cute little friends to be in the movies with them. It's so much fun. So why don't you come inside and join this two beautiful girls, We promise you won't be disappointed.

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I May Be Young!

Yeah, I may be a little young, but I'm old enough to know what you like, and I may just be crazy enough to do it for you. Boys have been watching me my whole life, and I know just how to keep them watching. All my friends do.

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Here i am with my friend Chloe!

But I'm Willing

Me and my friends will do whatever it takes to keep you watching. We love making our little movies for you. So if there's anything you want to see from any of us, just write me and let me know. I always write back. Little Summer

And I'm Able

Kimmie's the best student in her film class.With her help, I'm able to make sure everything looks absolutely perfect for you. DVD quality movies and crystal clear pictures. You shoud check out the samples. I'm sure you'll agree. Love, Summer :-)

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